I need to find myself a ride or die chick. She’s got to be a girl that is down to go for a cruise to wherever with me. I’ll fill up my car and pick her up to go anywhere with an open road or to a spot with a nice view. My favorite time is late at night when the air is cold and the streets are empty. She has to have a good taste in music to make us a mixtape for the drive. We’ll find a bomb place open late night to grub before heading back home. I wouldn’t mind a night like that instead of going to a party. 

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When it comes to finding the right person, it all comes down to how well they know you, and how well they would be willing to get to know you. Finding a person who would understand your faults and love you for every single one of them. Some one who will cherish their time with you, and never doubt that you cherish your time with them. The person that can fight with you and hurt you, but still be there for you through thick and thin. It may not be the good guy, that makes things easy, but it’s the right guy, the one that you love, and you know loves you back.
Friday, August 22nd
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The motto
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Thursday, August 21st
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Oh. Ok.


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Sometimes body modification is just a way of telling yourself “this is still my house, I paint the walls and and I hang the art because I’m the one who owns it”

Hell yes.

Thursday, August 21st


Annabelle Nyst

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Anonymous - Which state do you live in?



Thursday, August 21st